First Look Studio

First Look Studio is a company specialized in Brand licensing within a wide range of Brands.

Brand Licensing produces financial income for the Licensor. It is a way to monetize one’s brand or other IP with minimal cost and, if professionally managed, limited risk. However there are many other additional reasons companies license their Brands.

Corporate Brand Licensing will often find that the Brand reputation and attributes they have built over many years can be credibly “migrated” to entirely different product universes where consumers seek and trust the same sort of attributes.
Mountain Trekking Gear, for instance, is a Brand associated with travel, mobility and weather-proof qualities. It is easy to see then that such a Brand, with its winged foot trademark, might also be credible for hiking boots and outdoor gear to take only one example.
The same applies to Goldstar shoes, where the Brand “migrated” to other universes where consumers have their focus.

Licensing one’s trademark in product areas where Brand migration is meaningful and credible can generate significant incremental business income while also positively reinforcing core Brand attributes, promoting Brand exposure and reaching new consumers. It can be a highly beneficial virtuous cycle.

Brand Licensing therefore can be undertaken for many reasons and create many benefits of which financial income is only one.

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